Keyboard Shortcuts #3

It is time, once again, for some hot keys. In this post I will explain some very common hot keys that almost everyone should know. These are all the same as the Word shortcuts so they will be easy to remember even if you switch to a different program.

Copy – CTRL + C

Simply select the data you wish to copy and press the key combination. A running dotted line around the cell will show you on the screen that the copy has taken place.

Paste – CTRL + V

Select the cell or range where you wish the data to be present and press they key combination. You will paste the selected data in the correct location and further even if there is nothing in the range. The range will automatically be populated with the copied range.

Undo – CTRL + Z

Mistakes happen often especially when you are doing something for the first time or you are learning. So to combat mistakes the undo button was developed. It can allow us to retry what we attempted to do earlier.

Cut – CTRL + X

Cut is useful either with large data sets or when you need to make sure that you have correctly copied your data. Cut is similar to undo but undo can only do the most recent action. Cut can remove almost anything. In some cases you may not be able to cut a range or a graph simply because of formatting options.

Hopefully these few simple keystrokes will help elevate your Excel abilities.


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