Keyboard Shortcuts #2

Excel is all about efficiency, speed, accuracy. What better way to implement these than by using keyboard shortcuts or hot keys. These are helpful especially if they allow you to forgo the mouse click.

Open a spreadsheet by using CTRL + O

This function allows you to open a brand new worksheet. This is done with Excel open and cannot be done with Excel closed. When working with a worksheet and needing a new sheet, pressing CTRL + O will open a new blank worksheet.

Open a new worksheet CTRL + N

Method number 2 is using CTRL + N to do the same thing as mentioned above.

Closing the current worksheet with CTRL + W

This seldom used keystroke is simple enough to do quickly once the document has been saved. Pressing these buttons will allow Excel to close the workbook.

Save the Document with CTRL + S

Saving documents is one of the more important necessities. It is crucial to save often and with well named documents in a single location. That makes these documents easy to find and identify.

Hopefully these few keyboard shortcuts help to give you an edge in your spreadsheet capabilities. Let me know if you want me to discuss any other shortcuts. I will make sure to post more later on.


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