Writing and why it is amazing!

I am a dreamer. I am lover. I am a thinker. I am a writer.


I love writing, it is one of the most challenging and unique artistic abilities in my opinion. In high school, I took AP English yet I felt like it never challenged me. It showed me how to analyze text. I didn’t want to analyze others, I wanted to write my own.

Writing, especially in today’s complex world, allows me to escape much like gaming or television would. Writing is a way of creating characters that do not exist, places yet unexplored, and events different from reality. You can get lost in a book the same way you can in video games. I love both, both have their place and time.

In my last post about writing, What I learned from my greatest achievements, I mentioned how much of a challenge writing is. Sometimes I struggle with a character’s history, sometimes I struggle with the plot, other times none of the above flow.

However, writing has given me an escape from a world so focused on metrics and meeting expectations. Writing helps me to have something else to think about. It helps put my mind to ease because I understand I have something to work on.

Why does Mike handle the task of killing Shawn so easily?

This isn’t a spoiler to my third book, it is just an example. However, this question allows me to think of the repercussions. It allows me the opportunity to think about Mike, Shawn, their engagement, what spurred the reaction, and how the reaction could have affected them both.

I love to see the growth in my characters because, just like real people, they evolve and they adapt. I tend to stick with the fantasy genre but I try to kill off only people who are necessary to expand the plot. I don’t feel like violence is always the answer but sometimes it has it’s place.

For a short time I wrote poetry but that was not nearly as powerful as I wanted it to be. It felt too unrealistic to me. Novel writing has helped me to see that there are plenty pf possibilities and it is one of my favorite hobbies. I usually sit in the car and think about plot points while I wait for my wife to have lunch together. It gives me a few minutes of calm to think about what I want a character to do or not to do. I plan, I am a planner when it comes to novels.

What is your favorite novel? Do you know why you love it so much?

Let me know with a comment and I will let you know mine!


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