Software in professions: Titan America

This video is incredible. A huge eagle head emerges from a solid block of aluminum.

I love software and what it is capable of. In this video Titan takes a huge block of aluminum and transforms it into an eagle’s head. It is amazing to see how a job shop can take a heavy block and change it. Just imagine the power in that CNC machine, something that is capable of shaving off aluminum as if it is butter.

Notice the amount of software they need to have running in order to operate the CNC machine. Their designs come from Autodesk which is one of the best design software out there. Not only is it a huge learning curve but a lot of technicians need to be certified in order to run the machines.

It is amazing to see that an American job shop has these capabilities and I look forward to seeing what else they will be able to do in the future.

What software can you find? Do you notice anything about the way they have their locations setup? What do you think is important about the way they run their location?

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think!


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