What function to use for Date and Time

One of the most frustrating parts of working with documents and online storage is what happens when you don’t know when a document was edited last. Often metadata is lost due to updating and opening documents. This overwrites a lot of data and can cause a lot of issues.
Fortunately, Excel has a great formula that updates the time and date when entered.

=NOW ()

Although it is a weird looking formula with no arguments or criteria, it is a valuable asset in making sure that users always have up to date and accurate date and time information.

How to implement this formula:

The best way to implement this is to have a cell that contains text like “last update” with the formula below or to the right.


However one problem is that the =NOW() function updates when values are changed within the workbook.

This would only be effective if it is the last thing the user do before saving and closing the document. One way around this is Ctrl + Shift + : which will show a static timestamp.
How do you use the NOW function? Please let me know by leaving a comment.


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