Hacking a Car

People often wonder about their safety when it comes to technology. This video shows us just how unsafe we actually are, the types of harm that can come from malicious intent, and what people are doing to stop them.

An ex NSA hacker has managed to get access to a modern car controlled by a lot of technology. Although it’s now patched, the hacker goes into great detail what he was able to do in providing this type of insight to the show.
He was able to affect steering, switches, the radio etc all from within the car. Prepatch he was able to do all of the above from anywhere, remotely. A scary thought when so many of us spend so much time driving and living around smart technology.
Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MeXfCNwMG64&feature=youtu.be

Would you classify what the agent did as blackhat, whitehat, or grayhat hacking? Why?


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