Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

In Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Ethan Hunt and his team travel to Dubai to intercept a meeting in the Burj Kalifa. I love this scene because it delves into the nuances of Nonbiometric Security measures. Some of the basic ways that nonbiometric measures aid in protecting information systems:

  • Intrusion detection systems – Cameras, pressure sensitive plates, door alarms.
  • Protection against external and internal access – Either from internal threats or external threats like Ethan Hunt
  • Placed in front of a firewall – The basic setup is security measure, firewall, server, network.
  • Identify attack signatures, trace patterns, and generate alarms for the network administrator – All of which are bypassed in this scene
  • Cause routers to terminate connections with suspicious sources – which would be amazing for residential routers.
  • Prevent DoS attacks – Denial of Service attacks flood a server or network with so much traffic that it crashes the system. That resulting downtime can be very detrimental.

Pasted below is the link to the scene. Watch and see which types of measures are in place.


  • Military Grade Firewalls
  • 130th floor
  • Pressure sensitive vent ducts
  • Infrared sensors on the elevator shafts
  • Steel encasements

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