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Hi everyone,

My name is Theunis Oliphant. I am a lecturer at a university in Texas and my field is Management. I teach a class that focuses on Microsoft Excel and Information Systems. I also own a computer company. I dabble in coding and have some apps I am working on. But enough about that, let’s take a look at the white elephant in the room. 

“What’s with that name and how do I even say that?”

Great question everyone I’ve met in the last ten years. Theunis is a family name, my grandfather’s, and it’s unique to say the least. It’s French but I believe it’s French in the sense of French Fries or French Toast. It’s pronounced TNS, Tenus, Teunis or something along those lines. I also have many other names; Kevin at Pizza Hut, Stephen at the local burger joint, just T at the car place, Justine, Pete, Dennis and many others. It’s a fun thing to laugh about. 

This blog will be focused on exploring information systems and Microsoft Excel. I am doing this for my classes, business students who I feel need way more experience and exposure to technology and what it will do to business in the future. I’ll be posting fun and random things also just so the mood isn’t serious all the time. 

Please follow and let me know what you’d like me to discuss. Have a brilliant day! I am off to bake a birthday cake.


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